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Not ‘Chickening’ Out on Vegetarianism


Nine weeks ago, I began my journey into a meat-free world. What started as a project to blog has somehow become an entirely new lifestyle. One where I have eliminated eating anything that once had a heartbeat.

In being a Vegetarian, I’ve discovered just how much meat I was actually eating per day. I’ve never been a fan of red meat, but white meat was a regular part of my diet. Chicken and Turkey might as well have called themselves my boyfriends because I was spending so much time with them. But our recent break up has been a challenge. I’ve completely cut them out of my life…much like deleting that ex-boyfriend from Facebook.

I have also spent more time observing the grocery store and discovered the strangest things. I am determined to try every kind of lettuce sold–which may take a while. I’ve cut my shopping trips by a good 5 minutes now that I don’t have to spend time picking out meat products. “Tofu” is on the top of my list every time I jot down what I need and ‘Glee’ night is now ‘Glee and salad’ night.

The real challenge has been outside the vegetable-rich bubble I call my kitchen. The alternative to meat in most restaurants is usually something unhealthy like fried vegetables, pasta dishes and desserts. People assume a vegetarian diet is healthy, but it can be the exact opposite if there is no effort to find the right food. I recently visited “Lolo’s Chicken and Waffles” for the first time and was forced to miss out on half the dining experience. Yep, I wasn’t able to try the waffles. (Just kidding.)

When done right, vegetarianism can lead to some great healthy alternatives!And while my friends may have laughed when I ordered a Greek Salad instead of chicken wings at Native New Yorker, at least I didn’t need to ask for a wet-wipe at the end of my meal.

I believe in this lifestyle, despite what my hispanic grandmothers say (Something along the lines of “you’re insane”). I know that my lack of purchasing oven-roasted turkey slices won’t diminish the meat industry, but it’s one less customer they’re having to provide products to and one less animal sacrificed on the count of feeding me.

Trending Halloween Costumes: Ghosts, Goblins and Giraffes?


In honor of my favorite holiday, I’ve decided to honor some creative Halloween costumes inspired not by the beasts in nightmares,  but the counting sheep and fairytale creatures in your dreams.

Halloween is all about finding the scariest, most creative costumes–but there’s only so many substances you can use as fake blood. A more-recent trend in costumes is the inspiration of creating a costume based on animals. I, myself was a crab this Halloween. Why? Because who wouldn’t want to be a crab?

Unless your friends are awesome and host costume parties year-round, it’s too late to create the perfect animal costume this year–but below are some awesome online-ideas. Halloween brings out the creativity in all of us, so give it a shot next year and create your costume, too! It makes for a good time and doesn’t bruise a wallet’s ego as much as those pre-made costumes.

Click photos for ideas from

Be 'jelly' of this costume

That's So "Raven"

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

the 'motha' of all costumes


























My friends are a bunch of animals too:

Getting into character!

The Crab and the Laaaaaamb

The Unicorn and the Bat

Do-it-Yourself Peacock